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I do Serverless Consulting.

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Why building an audience first might be bad advice for you

I don't like generalized advice like this. "Easy. Create a free newsletter, share valuable info and build trust. Then ask them what problems they have and build a product around that." For some of you, this might actually be bad advice. Read More →

4 Risks You Might Run Into When Going Serverless

Find out what the biggest risk factors are when going serverless, so you can avoid them. I personally think it comes down to 4 major risks: Not using serverless for the right job, not understanding its pricing, not using a framework and not being flexible enough when it comes to technologies. Read More →

Why serverless technologies are the way to go for startups

Looking back at the past two decades, starting a tech business has never been easier. From a technology standpoint, that is. In the beginning of the 2000’s you would’ve had to code so many things yourself, that now, are a given. User sign-up and login, setting up and administrating servers, content-delivery, message queueing and so much more. Read More →

How to migrate from create-react-app to Next.js

In this article I’m going to walk you through the steps I took to migrate my simple React landing page to Next.js and what to watch out for. It’s super easy and can be done in an afternoon. Next.js is a lightweight React framework, so it’s not oranges to apples. It’s opinionated though, which means a few things are a little bit different. But first, let’s explore the “why”. Read More →

YC Startup School: A Review

I’ve signed up for Y Combinator Startup School 2019 to focus on building a small bootstrapped business during the program’s 10 weeks runtime. Why join with a bootstrapped business? Isn’t Y Combinator about doing the whole venture capital thing? It is, but taking venture funding isn’t required and the program is free to enter. No matter if you want to raise money to go big or build a small business to support you and your family; The early beginnings are not so different for these two paths. Read More →

What if your business is neither a failure nor a success?

Most stories in business are either about the huge successes or the fabulous trainwrecks of failures. I get it. It feels weird—unwarranted, even—to tell a meandering tale where there’s no clear lesson learned. You want something straightforward you can pass on to the reader as this one shining piece of advice so they have a clear path forward, or at least know what to avoid. The problem is, these narrow stories don’t always reflect the reality of having a business. Not everything is either a total success or a complete failure — there are many shades of gray in between. Read More →

Some examples for micro services you can extract to serverless functions

This article can be considered part two to last weeks Deploying to Serverless? It’s not that easy…. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Why do we want to extract parts of our application with the help of functions? There are a few benefits. Read More →

Deploying to Serverless? It's not that easy

So you have a new web app and want to deploy it to your favourite cloud computing provider. You’ve heard about Serverless and how it might save you hundreds of dollars a year in hosting fees. So why not go ahead and deploy it to Serverless? Who wouldn’t want advantages like these? Read More →